Mission Statement

“We are committed to the empowerment of women and helping them gain strength and independence in a wilderness environment.”

Soul-R-Eclipse is a non-profit organization founded and operated by volunteer women who are dedicated to regeneration of spirit, and finding sisterhood in nature. Our organization staff includes medical personnel, drug addiction therapists, doctors and nurse practitioners, social workers and personal survivors.  We are focused at this time on, Cancer SurvivorsPTSD Female Military and Mother’s of Autistic Children.

Soul-R-Eclipse, Inc. non-profit organization was formed to gather women together with similar circumstances and trials in their life. We will offer you the opportunity to learn tools of empowerment and what sisterhood and nature can offer.

The strength of women has always encouraged me to persevere, excel and improve my life. I want to return this gift to others. The river is a place that evokes many emotions. It allows healing to take place and the seeds of growth to come-forth. Nature is a gift we all can share.

The river is a perfect place to rebuild ones soul. It has the ability to regenerate and renew the spirit and can allow the healing seeds of growth to come forth. We invite you to join our river trips and back country excursions.

“I have rivers to wash away stress, red dirt to soak up my tears, blue sky to brighten my life, canyons that hold me close. Nowhere else can I find a better companion and friend.”
Yvette Campbell, Founder/Volunteer.